No one likes a leaky gutter. Whether you’re looking to replace your old one, or to install a new aluminum seamless gutter system, HIG Construction is up to the task.

As a licensed Englert gutter installation company and distributor, we only use the best. We produce and install what is known as a 5 inch K style .032 aluminum seamless gutter. This style of gutter is the thickest and most sturdy type of gutter in the industry.

We will also help our clients with any gutter cleaning that is needed and can install leaf guards upon request. We offer two types of leaf protection: Leafree and Leaf Defier.

Contact us for a free estimate on gutter installation or repair for your home or business. We will come out and determine what will work best for your application, where water will be shed from downspouts, and what type of leaf protection will best suit your needs. After an assessment is made we will leave you with a written proposal for the work. NO high pressure sales staff. Give us a call when you are ready and most times we can have your gutter installation complete within a week.

Our home is our biggest investment, isn’t it time to protect that investment from water damage with new gutters?  Everyone knows that moisture is the enemy to the durability and longevity to your home.  Over time moisture can lead to costly damage leading to insect infestation, corrosion of materials, mold damage and wood rot.  Over time, this damage can effect the quality of your indoor air costing you more than just money but your health and the health of your family.  To avoid this devastation to your home and family, quality gutters are key.  It’s not just recommended to protect your home but also to protect your wallet from surprise, costly bills.

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