The road to successful design is paved with disaster stories. What’s yours?

Just because a room looks flawless doesn’t mean the remodeling process was. What you don’t see in a well-designed room is the blood, sweat and tears it took to make it happen. (Kind of like how your Facebook feed shows only the good times your friends are having, rarely the bad.)

Designers and homeowners who’ve been through the trenches know the truth. The road to a successful room design is full of moving violations, fender benders and head-on collisions. In our New This Week series, designers sometimes share these “uh-oh” moments to give readers a sense of the trials and tribulations that come up during the remodeling process. Here, we compile a selection that should help you hope for the best but prepare for the worst as you embark on a project. If you’ve been through it already, please share your “uh-oh” moment in the Comments!

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