Don’t overlook the ceiling when updating your interior design during a remodel.

While remodeling a home, ceilings are a detail often overlooked. However, with a bit of thought, they can become a unique feature and greatly enhance your space.

Here are six popular ceiling designs to consider — a perfect solution to update the interior design of any style home.

1. Barrel vault ceiling

Barrel vault ceilings are the most traditional of vault ceiling designs. Its simple design mimics the shape of a barrel (cut in half).

With this type of ceiling, you give the illusion of high ceilings without having the actual height.

Create contrast by using natural wood or painting the ceiling a color that’s different from the wall color.

2. Exposed beams

The structural support of your home can also add to the aesthetic charm as well. They allow you to bring in a natural element and warmth into your space.

Wood beams can be constructed from natural timber, engineered, or laminated materials. They can be painted a matching or complimentary color to the rest of the room.

3. Decorative ceiling tiles

Ceilings can often be boring with a flat design and no added trim, molding, or additional details. An easy and cost effective solution would be to add decorative or tin ceiling tiles.

They are an aesthetic upgrade, but also some are fire resistant and offer a layer of fire protection. Typically decorative tiles are offered in 12-by-12 inches, 24-by-24 inches, and 24-by-48 inches, but custom sizes are available as an option as well.

4. Coffered ceiling

coffered ceiling with can lighting in formal sitting room

Use can lighting within the sections of a coffered ceiling to further enhance the impact. (Photo courtesy of Habitar Design)

Coffered ceilings add a beautiful element to any room. Today, coffered ceilings are created by installing beams in a grid pattern, often trimmed with crown molding.

Coffered ceilings can come in many different shapes, including circular, star-shaped, and octagonal, but in most residences they are square or rectangular.

Painting the beams and flat ceiling section two contrasting colors gives the ceiling even more added depth.

5. Vaulted ceiling

Vaulted ceilings are another traditional ceiling design. They were common in cathedrals and other historic buildings. Homeowners are now striving for this look and mimic the concept in their own homes.

Like the barrel vault design, vaulted ceilings allow you to create the illusion of more space and can allow for more light in the room.

6. Tray ceiling

A good alternative to vaulted ceilings, tray ceilings have a standard flat ceiling but the center section is raised about 12 inches or so. They still give you a sense of open and airiness, but are more cost-effective than any of the other vaulted options.

They also allow the addition of unique light features. In combination with crown molding, they add warmth and beauty to a room.

This article was originally published at Angie’s List.