hig-roty-16-lgEach year we submit our best kitchens and bathrooms to CRBRA Best in Building Awards. The competition is very high, as the best in our industry submit their best work as well. This year we had hoped to win Best Kitchen or Bathroom, little did we know we would be Voted as Best Remodeler Member for 2016 by the most outstanding leaders in our industry. How honored and humbled we are to receive this award.

Each day the team at HIG Construction strive to be the best in our industry. We recognize that we are blessed to be able to make peoples dreams come true on a daily basis. We don’t work very often for the wealthy, but for the common everyday home owner who has been saving and dreaming of having a kitchen, bathroom, or new space they love to be in and use. We believe in creating relationships with our clients that last a lifetime, as a full service contractor, we can take care of all of our clients needs. From replacing a bad roof to helping to design and build new needed space on their existing home, we are there for our clients.

We are currently booking February projects, so if you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen or bathroom it is the time to begin working with us to plan your project to begin in February or March. We have a long history of completing projects on time and on budget. Visit our FB page to take a look at our reviews and years of project time lines and pictures of the projects. No One Gets It Done Faster and your home back in order than HIG Inc.

Call us at 518-590-0417 or contact us online to schedule an appointment and begin your project.