Whether it’s making use of reclaimed lumber or creating a patina-rich finish, these five products have something unique to offer.

Industrial chic and reclaimed materials, such as the Metalli collection by Laminam

Photo: courtesy Laminam

As industrial design and rustic modern aesthetics gain ground in American homes, there are an increasing number of products on the market that cater to this trend. We’ve gathered a few offerings here.

1 ] Available in 12-by-24-inch, 12-by-12-inch, and custom slabs, Ann Sacks Petrified Wood Field Tiles are composed entirely of fossilized wood. The unique line comes in a two patterns: Log, displaying growth rings; and Retro, a mosaic of smaller pieces, and several colors (Log, Antique Red, shown).

2 ] The Metalli collection by Laminam offers large-scale, ultra-thin (3mm) ceramic slabs that are reminiscent of age-old materials such as iron, brass, copper, and bronze. Distributed in the U.S. by Crossville, the light-reflective tile is suitable for external cladding and interior applications including countertops, doors, and walls. Laminam can be installed on a variety of substrates including concrete and plasterboard, and is available in five metallic-looking colors.

3 ] Featuring 80 growth rings per inch, Goodwin Co.’s Eternal River Recovered Antique Heart Cypress Select is river-recovered wood suitable for both exterior and interior applications including ceilings, paneling, and flooring and is available in Vertical, Midnight Character, and Pecky grades. Boards have the same average length as solid wood flooring, are factory finished, and installation-ready.

4 ] Viroc Cement Bonded Particle Board composite slabs are composed of a dry mixture of pine wood particles and cement, The slabs are produced in several thicknesses (8mm to 32mm unsanded) and colors: black, white, grey, ochre, yellow, and red. Viroc can be factory calibrated and sanded. It’s suitable for exterior and interior applications including façades, walls, floors, roof structures, and ceilings.

5 ] Richlite is an FSC-certified resin and consumer recycled paper product that presents zero off-gassing. First used in 1943 for the U.S. military, the durable, waterproof material is perfect for exterior cladding and for interior applications including countertops, cabinetry, and wall paneling. Available in 10 colors and thicknesses up to 3 inches.

This wrticle was originally published at Proremodeler.com.