1101, 2017

10 Things You Need to Toss From Your Kitchen Now: How Many Do You Have?

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Homeowners face a constant battle: No matter how much you purge, more and more stuff keeps creeping in. While you might think your closets or attic are the biggest clutter pits, there’s another, highly underrated area where crap collects, and it’s the place where space is often most at a premium: your kitchen.

Just look around and you’ll see what we mean: Overstuffed cabinets […]

1101, 2017

How to Finish a Basement (and How Much It Costs)

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Your dark and dingy basement is a gold mine of possibilities. Throw up some walls, and you’ve got an extra bedroom or family gathering space. Add a bathroom or kitchen, and you’ve created a possible rental that can help pay for the renovation or house your in-laws or adult kids.

But let’s tackle first things first, like […]

401, 2017


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PANTONE 15-0343

A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings.
Greenery is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew. Illustrative of flourishing foliage and the lushness of the great outdoors, the fortifying attributes of Greenery signals consumers to take a deep breath, […]

2712, 2016

8 Terrible Habits Homeowners Should Ditch in 2017

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We hate to be scolds, but it’s time to break those deplorable habits that are hurting your home. No, a home does not actually feel pain, and, much like the American electorate, it can endure a remarkable amount of abuse. But the damage it sustains—scratches on the hardwood floors, a neglected leaky spot on the ceiling—will one […]

2712, 2016

10 Habits to Save Time and Get You Organized

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To stay ahead of clutter, these are the things that highly organized people do — and you can, too.

It’s time to simplify your life! Try adopting these 10 habits of highly organized people.

1. Establish a launching and landing zone

Every home (or office, for that matter) needs a place just inside the door where things that […]

1912, 2016

First Things First: How to Prioritize Home Projects

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What to do when you’re contemplating home improvements after a move and you don’t know where to begin

I recently received a desperate email from a friend. For a variety of reasons, school and work related, she and her husband and two little boys had been bumping around the globe for years. They had just moved […]

1912, 2016

7 Signs Your Kitchen Is Way Overdue for a Remodel

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Let’s talk about your kitchen. It’s where you eat, entertain, and catch up with family members after a long day. It’s the glue that holds your home life together. It’s even your sanctuary where you drink red wine straight out of the box after a miserable day. Perhaps you’ve dreamed of renovating the place, but balked at […]

1512, 2016

A Wet Room Offers Versatile Bathroom Design

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Whether you’re focused on more space or aging in place, a waterproof area offers many stylish options.

Wondering if your bathroom needs a total transformation? Ask yourself:

• Do you have problems with leaks and mold?
• Does your bathroom need to be more accessible?
• Do you find getting in and out of that old-fashioned bathtub a constant […]

1212, 2016

6 Worst Housewarming Gifts Ever Received

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Fruit baskets, bottle of wine, potted plants … these are the classic housewarming gifts for new homeowners. Then there are the other housewarming gifts that seem so outrageously bad, you have to wonder: Is the giver trying to scare you away? Whether you’re a new homeowner who wants to bond with other traumatized/puzzled gift recipients or someone […]

912, 2016

Incorporating Stone into Your Remodel

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Rustic decor is very popular right now, and stone accents make the perfect addition to a remodel.

When remodeling your home, there are several things to consider, one of the toughest choices being which design theme to choose.

There are several different styles ranging from contemporary, modern, transitional, farmhouse, traditional and more. One of our favorite styles […]