1702, 2017

How to Clean Different Types of Countertops

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Whether it’s marble, tile, wood, stainless steel or granite, learn how to care for your kitchen or bathroom countertop.

Cleaning methods for bathroom or kitchen counters vary almost as much as the materials themselves, whether you’ve got laminate, wood, glass or granite countertops.

Knowing how to keep surfaces spotless and prevent stains — as well as sealing […]

902, 2017

Cabinet Pull-Down Shelving System

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Here at HIG Construction we are passionate about handicap accessibility and aging in place.

We all know what handicap accessibility is but what is aging in place?   The term “aging in place” in reference to living where you have lived for many years, or to living in a non-healthcare environment, and using products, services and conveniences […]

702, 2017

Rev a Shelf Blind Corner Accessory

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If you have a kitchen cabinet that has unused corner space, then you know the frustration that is finding anything in this space.  What a waste!  If you really want to maximize your kitchen space, use those blind corners.  You may be asking how?  Well, HIG Construction has your solution!  We love these products!  This is a […]

1512, 2016

A Wet Room Offers Versatile Bathroom Design

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Whether you’re focused on more space or aging in place, a waterproof area offers many stylish options.

Wondering if your bathroom needs a total transformation? Ask yourself:

• Do you have problems with leaks and mold?
• Does your bathroom need to be more accessible?
• Do you find getting in and out of that old-fashioned bathtub a constant […]

3103, 2016

10 Creative Ways to Establish a Kitchen Focal Point

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Here’s how to create a statement-making cooking space with your backsplash, countertop, appliances, cabinets and more

It may be tempting when designing a kitchen to select the most fetching eye-candy materials, fixtures and furnishings you can find. But the problem with creating so many focal points is that the result can be a confusing and visually […]

1803, 2016

The Good, Better, Best of Smart Technology for the Home

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Advancements in home automation technology provide consumers with added convenience and have dramatically lowered home energy costs. But with so many brands on the market, it can be tough to know which ones are most effective.
We look at six products to find the pros and cons of each. 

Smart Thermostats: Nest vs. Honeywell Prestige HD
Today’s smart […]