512, 2016

5 Entryway Essentials to Welcome People Into Your Home—and 3 Eyesores

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Your home’s entrance, or foyer, isn’t just a path into your house. It’s a space that should draw you into your home as soon as you open the door. It should also be inviting to all your guests and (if you’re trying to sell your home) prospective buyers who visit.

“Just like we like to be greeted with eye contact, a warm […]

112, 2016

9 Design Tips for Entertaining in a Small Space

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The fact that you have a small space shouldn’t mean you can’t have big get-togethers. To help you make your space function well for entertaining — while still working for your day-to-day life — here are some of my favorite tips for furniture, styling and even secret crowd control. You can have the night of […]

112, 2016

7 Surprisingly Genius Lighting Tricks to Brighten a Dark Home

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Do you live in a dark, sad home where light goes to die? Are you filled with dread as the days suddenly get shorter (thanks loads, Daylight Savings Time!) knowing full well you’ll return home to a gloomy abode? Are you convinced that your house was modeled after the dark corridors of Castle Black?

If you answered yes […]

1711, 2016

CRBRA Remodeler of the Year 2016 – Thank You!

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Each year we submit our best kitchens and bathrooms to CRBRA Best in Building Awards. The competition is very high, as the best in our industry submit their best work as well. This year we had hoped to win Best Kitchen or Bathroom, little did we know we would be Voted as Best Remodeler Member […]

1511, 2016

25 Modern Design Ideas for Pet Beds that Dogs and Owners Want

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Modern design ideas for pet beds are inspiring. Lushome shares a collection of wonderful pet beds for dogs that are envisioned by designers or handmade by pet owners. There are plenty of modern pet beds for your dogs, but you need to find or make the bed that suit your house and which is comfortable […]

1511, 2016

Dream to Done: How to Refine Your Renovation Vision to Fit Your Budget

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When planning a remodel that’s in line with what you can afford, expect to review, revise and repeat.
Matching your renovation dreams and dollars can sometimes feel like a challenge. But there’s a lot you can do to get the look you want at the right price. In the first story in this series, we laid […]

1511, 2016

Dream to Done: How to Build a Renovation Plan to Match Your Budget

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Work with pros to make sure your renovation hopes and dollars line up
As a client, you may feel like you have little influence over whether your remodeling project stays on budget and hits the finish line on time. But you have more control than you might think. Remember, the scope of your project and the […]

811, 2016

5 Fresh Tile Options

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Beautify floors and walls with these tile offerings that include fabric effects, wood looks, and faux natural stone

Photo: courtesy Argenta Ceramica

A feature story on tile looked at the cause and solution for matte finish floor tiles that lost their crisp, clean look after grouting. Here’s a crisp, clean look at five more tile options:

Equipe Cerámicas’ Brick […]

811, 2016

Is Asbestos Hiding in Your House? How to Tell—and What to Do

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Asbestos is a scary and extremely dangerous material that’s been linked to all kinds of health horrors, including mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis.

Not scared yet? How’s this: If your house was built before 1979, there’s a good chance that asbestos is lurking somewhere.

“Asbestos is often not on a homeowner’s radar, but it certainly should be,” […]

111, 2016

12 Home Repairs That Are Way Too Risky to Put Off

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Nobody ever cheers at the thought of tackling home repairs. They’re annoying, costly, time-sucking endeavors. So often we put them off, over and over, justifying to ourselves that they can wait. Light switch doesn’t work? Whatever—you never go in that room anyway. Squeaky floors? You’re already used to them!

But there are some home improvement projects that simply can’t wait, lest […]